Workshops for leaders in social learning,
communities of practice, and networks

Unique professional development opportunities

Small and focused

In a collaborative atmosphere with a small, strategically committed group, we spend four intensive days developing leadership and facilitation capabilities for cultivating communities of practice and networks.

Together we push our current practice, explore the state of the art, and produce resources to address our respective challenges…

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Face-to-face or online

Your participation can be face-to-face or online. Face-to-face takes place in beautiful and intimate surroundings in Grass Valley, California.

Online participation is a full experience of participating from wherever you are. Together we push the practice of integrating online and face-to-face involvement in events with a variety of social media…

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BEtreat 2015

Professional: state-of-the-art
apply principles and practice
      July 7 – 10

Professional: cutting-edge
explore emerging issues
      July 14 – 17

theory and research
      July 21 – 24

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Certificate program 2015-2016

We also run a one year certificate program for people who want to build in-depth knowledge and a reputation in the field. It includes two BEtreat workshops, regular consulting sessions and a panel review…

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