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Say boo to collaboration and sharing

Say boo to collaboration and sharing

Partly out of a sense of drama and partly to make a point I sometimes find myself being dismissive of “collaboration” and “sharing knowledge”. This is why. First, social learning is first and foremost about – well – learning....

Social learning leadership

Social learning leadership

Social learning leaders embody certain paradoxes. Big picture – small picture, upbeat – reflective. There are ten types of leadership characteristics we’ve observed so far.

Blending online and face-to-face

Blending online and face-to-face

Blending online and face-to-face participation in a workshop. What are some of the innovations we tried this year?

BEtreat early-bird deadline: April 30

The early-bird deadline for BEtreat workshops in California is coming up – April 30. Register soon if you’re coming. Meantime, check out our first play with Adobe Voice – a great app for story telling, in this case the story of BEtreat. A lot of fun!...

A consultant’s anguish

A consultant’s anguish

Yet again I have a client – of 5 years – who has made the technology a centre-piece of their strategy. I cry. It’s a technology that I suggested and helped to create. But I seem powerless to convince them that the proportion of resources they are investing in...

The BEtreat genre

The BEtreat genre

What are the essential ingredients of a BEtreat workshop?

Workshops in 2016

Small and project-driven.

Face-to-face or online.

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