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Leadership groups: a practice for fostering leadership in social learning contexts
FAQs: Frequently-asked questions about communites, networks and social learning




Introduction to communities of practice


Practice-oriented publications

Value-creation assessment framework – a framework for promoting and assessing value creation through learning in communities and network (2011)
Strategic evaluation of network activities – application of the framework to a large social learning project (2014)


Theoretical publications

Essays on social learning capability – social learning spaces, learning citizenship, social artists, learning governance (2009)
Communities of practice and social learning systems: the career of a concept – review of the evolution of the concept from a systems perspective (2010)
The practice of theory: confessions of a social learning theorist – essay on the nature of progress in social theorizing (2013)
Learning in a landscape of practice – chapters on new developments in theory and practice (2014)


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Say boo to collaboration and sharing

Partly out of a sense of drama and partly to make a point I sometimes find myself being dismissive of “collaboration” and “sharing knowledge”. This is why. First, social learning is first and foremost about – well – learning....

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