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Find out about our services. The following sections are all in one page under tabs:

1. The types of services we offer:
1.1   Strategy
1.2   Initiative support
1.3   Training
1.4   Implementation
1.5   Social media
1.6   Convening
1.7   Complex events
1.8   Research
1.9   Evaluation
2. Keynotes and public speaking
2.1   Presenting solo or together
2.2   Our presentation style
2.3   Topics we can talk about
3. The way we work
3.1   Partnering with clients
3.2   International settings
3.3   Complex systems
3.4   Our own partnership


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BEtreat workshops

Our professional development workshops are BEtreats (for Bev and Etienne’s retreats):

1. Types of programs
1.1   Overview
1.2   Overview at a glance
1.3   Certificate program
3. Participation logistics
2.1   Face-to-face and online
2.2   How to get to Grass Valley
2.3   Where to stay in Grass Valley
2.4   Online participation
4. Registration
4.1   Pricing table and refund policy
4.2   Registration by credit card
4.3   Registration by check or transfer

Go to the BEtreat homepage


We use use the blog function for things that are time-bound. This part of the site acts as a journal of our experience. We post on our blog under the following categories:

1. News
  This is a general news category for announcements of various sorts.
2. BEtreat
  This category is for announcements and reports on our BEtreat workshops. We separated this from news because some people may want to subscribe only to posts about BEtreats.
3. Reflections
  This category is our learning journal where we reflect on our work, on meetings and conversations with people, and on the things we think about.
4. Travel
  Here we announce trips that we think some people may want to know about, publish photos, and report on our travel experience.


  • You can always use categories and tags in the sidebar to reach these posts
  • See below for ways to subscribe to individual categories of posts


We use this website as a channel to publish various types of resources. We publish resources as blog posts under the following categories:

1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
  Under this category are short posts in response to questions people often ask. We will be answering one additional question a month. Feel free to submit one.
2. Practice

This category is for tools, templates, frameworks, check-lists and other documents useful for practitioners.

3. Theory
  Resources under this category include definitions, commentaries, and more academic or theoretical papers.
4. Publications
  This is the general category for longer papers and articles published on this site.
5. Slides
  We are often asked to share our presentation slides. However, our slides are usually not self-explanatory. Under this category, we will slowly publish our most popular slides, along with an explanation of the contents.

See full list of resources on site

In real time

You can follow us in various ways:

1. Travel schedule
  On this page, we publish our traveling schedule for the year. Consult it if you want to know where we are. We invite you to invite us if you see we are in your region.
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2. Subscriptions
  We invite you to subscribe to our blog. You can subscribe:
  • to all entries
  • to the blog only
  • to the resources only
  • or even to single categories within each
    Go to subscriptions page

    3. Newsletter
      You can join the mailing list for our newsletter and newsflashes. This is a way to keep up with us that is more focused and less frequent than subscribing to blog categories. We will email a newsletter or a newsflash with summary and highlights 2-6 times a year.
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    4. Twitter
      You can also follow us on twitter. A tweet will go out on our feed whenever we have a new post.
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    About us

    This is still under construction, but when it is done you will be able to find out more about us:

    1. Overview
    1.1   Who we are
    1.2   What we do
    1.3   Our mission
    1.4   Contact us
    2. Bev
    2.1   Bev’s homepage
    2.2   Bios and photos
        for use in brochures, ads, etc.
    2.3   Full CV
    2.4   Publications
    2.5   Videos
    2.6   Personal
        things about Bev you would not find in her official bio
    2.7   Bev’s old website
        no longer updated, but still up because people point to it
    3. Etienne
    3.1   Etienne’s homepage
    3.2   Bios and photos
        for use in brochures, ads, etc.
    3.3   Full CV
    3.4   Publications
  • Books
  • Papers and articles
  • Interviews
  • 3.5   Videos
    3.6   Personal
        things about Etienne you would not find in his official bio
    3.7   Etienne’s old website
        no longer updated, but still up because people point to it


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