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Recently we were asked this question by a friend who is promoting this idea in Austria and wanted to know who to get in touch with (see email below).

We’ve been scratching our heads, because we know there is a lot going on, and there are certainly studies recommending that it happen, but we don’t know of an example of a teacher-training college doing it. It’s certainly something that the Education Guardian in the UK is proposing.

The closest example we can think of is the North Zone school district in Singapore, which has been using communities of practice for ongoing professional development for both administrators and teachers for almost ten years.

An example from a training college is documented in a PhD by Helen Hou who used a community of practice to support teachers doing their internship in rural schools in China. But we don’t know how systematically the approach has been used since then.

We would love to have some examples of teacher training colleges who are systematically taking a communities of practice approach. And here is Lotte’s email for context, if you think you could help her.

Let us know in the comments.

I am searching for two or three teacher training colleges that could serve us as role models and with whom we could get in touch personally. We assume that there are colleges/universities out there, that are taking the essence of CoP seriously and offer community based teacher training/further education/professionalisation – as a central strategy and not as a “nice-to-have” on top of everything else.


I am a freelance “CoP-lobbyist” and have been introducing way of CoP-thinking into teacher training/professionalisation in Austria, on the periphery.


I am working for a visionary, small e-learning unit, operating in a classical, hierarchical, 100% public setting. The question is: what would it mean to introduce CoPs as core staretegy? We would love to find peers in a similar situation. Currently we are offering classical online courses, e-Lectures, guided tours to MOOCs and have just started with two online communities.


We would love to talk to teacher training colleges which have gone down that road before us. We have questions regarding leadership, topic management, certification, access, publishing, budgeting -and especially selling the concept to a very hierarchical system.


Thank you for you advice!


Lotte Krisper-Ullyett, Vienna, Austria