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Custom and Private Betreats


As well as our regular BEtreats we offer a range of customized guided retreats for individuals or groups. They can be online, in Portugal, or at your location


Fitting your needs

Here are some examples of custom and private BEtreats we have run in the past. 


Contact us to start a conversation about your specific needs for ...


Team reflections

Annual retreats for those working on a CoP initiative

Working on internal dynamics

Internal politics are getting in the way and you want people to get on the same page and work out the way ahead together

Launching an initiative

Develop your team’s approach for working strategically on a social learning initiative, developing an M&E system, designing and facilitating activities, and promoting internal leadership. 

A writing project

An individual or a team is preparing a new project or funding proposal. Or you want to write up your dissertation or new book.

Social learning leadership

Leadership development for your community leads

Custom BEtreat design

A partnership process


Making a difference

Our focus is on making a difference. We work in that space between pushing our imagination about what’s possible and  grounding it in what’s worked or not in the past.


Framing the issues

Half the challenge is framing – and reframing -the right issues. This includes getting the right voices to the table to talk about the things that they care about. It often means framing the issues across cultural, disciplinary, or institutional boundaries.


Monitoring the value

Build in ongoing feedback loops from the start of the process so you can monitor and learn from the value you are creating.

Custom BEtreat clients

A range of different

people and organizations

Reports are finished, presentations have been completed and jet lag has dissipated and I am finally able to say thank you and to let you know what an extraordinary experience the BEtreat was for me. It was unbelievably fantastic and you were both so generous  and inspiring.  I learned so much and feel quite liberated from a few personal and professional bumps and burns.

Dawn Jones

Team leader, Peer Support, Deakins University, AUS

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop, your amazing hospitality and your kindness. It was such a great experience for all.

I really hope we can get a new cohort to go through this next year as well.

Kristy Gladfelter

Director, Research, Analysis, & Learning, International Rescue Committee, U.S

Through our discussion and negotiation and sharing of ideas I can see a clear path. It has opened up a pathway to an exciting future. There was the theorietical and the imagining and then translating it into something practical. Ten hours spread over three days was about right for a private BEtreat.

Jacquie McDonald

Associate Professor, University of Southern Queensland, AUS

About us

A focus on value

We believe that our overlapping and different perspectives on social learning theory, conflict resolution, and simply getting things done have a synergy and a playfulness that bring about productive and innovative results. We welcome every opportunity to convene, to learn from and with different perspectives, and – ultimately – to learn to make a difference.

BEtreat packages

Pricing according to your need

Prices depend on number of days, whether it’s at your place or ours, numbers of people, duration, and what you would like to include. 

Discounts available



Extended stay

Here are two examples of what the price might look like.