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Price and Commitment

Online participation in this workshop is full participation, not a just following on the side. The commitment and the price are the same. If you participate online, set aside the days you register for. We will endeavor to make your experience as full as that of face-to-face participants.

If you are wondering whether or not to participate online, then take this quiz through to the end and read the advice that applies to you. While the quiz is slightly tongue-in-cheek it does give you a sense of the considerations for participating online.


We use a variety of social media to involve everyone actively, including audio, video, online collaboration, wiki, and micro-blogging.

You need a good camera, a microphone, and a headset. You need reliable access to the internet. Good bandwidth is recommended. If you don’t have good bandwidth be prepared for some imaginative (and even improvised) ways to use the tools.

Online presence

We use technology to give you a presence in the workshop. You will also have a buddy in the face-to-face group who will keep you connected and represent you in the room. The idea here is to push the state-of-the-art in integrating face-to-face and online participation.

Time zones

The main part of the workshop will be organized around the work day on the face-to-face time zone. However, depending on the location of online participants, we are flexible in organizing the schedule to maximize participation by everyone.

Learning from previous BEtreats

So far there is no participant who has not found the online experience hugely valuable and rewarding. However, there has been a consensus among all participants that it is intensive and tiring. They have cautioned against participating in BEtreat if other activities might impose priorities.

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