BEtreat - Portugal

For the second year in a row, we will be running our focused workshops for social learning leaders in our home in Setúbal, Portugal. We work with you over a period of four days to explore the latest models and frameworks for communities of practice and networks in relation to your specific project.

We work intensively with social learning leaders, who often share similar challenges across different sectors, in a relaxed and inspiring setting. We work together to generate new insights, share a language, and form meaningful connections with others in the field.

Three BEtreats in Portugal in 2019


For a systematic overview and firm grasp of current principles and practice in social learning as it applies to your context.

May 28 – 31, 2019


For people who have experience of existing social learning models and want to develop more pioneering aspects of the field.

June 4 – 7, 2019


Advancing your practice

For people who want to step up their social learning leadership skills in specific projects or initiatives.

Sept 17 – 20, 2019

Portugal location

The face-to-face portion of the Portugal BEtreat takes place in Setúbal. It is a post-industrial, historical beach city, located 50km south of Lisbon.

It’s a great place for a family holiday. Your partner or kids are welcome to join us for dinner in the evening.

See some images of the city in a video here.

Click here for general information about BEtreats, including formats, pricing, and FAQs


There is a wide range of accomodation in Setúbal including rustic windmills, boutique accomodation, and standard hotels. The venue for the workshop is on Rua Miradouro do Sado, if you want to find somewhere within walking distance.

You can find private accomodation for very reasonable prices through Airbnb. If you want to stay very close to the venue, these apartments on AirBnB are within 5 minutes walking distance.

Check out the reviews of Setúbal hotels on Trip Advisor.



Lisbon airport (LIS) is served by all major airlines. It is a 40-minute drive from the airport to Setúbal.

Transportation from the airport

Option 1
Taxi – about €60 from the airport. It takes about 40 minutes. To avoid the queue for taxis at arrivals, and to avoid the rip-off factor, it’s an easy walk over to departures where taxi drivers are keen for your business. You can also book a taxi in advance with Central de Taxis or with Suntransfers.

Option 2
Metro from the airport (red line) to Estação do Oriente (3.3 kilometers, 3 stops) + TST express bus to Setúbal – bus 562 or 561. The bus takes about 40 minutes.

Option 3
Aerobus no. 1 or 2 from the airport to Entrecampos + Fertagus train to Setúbal. There are one or two trains every hour and it takes about 56 minutes.

Options 2 and 3 cost less than 10 Euros and will take you between 60 and 90 minutes in total depending on how well your connections align.


All major rental car companies serve Lisbon airport. The rental car offices and car collection are in the airport, so it is a very easy process.

You can either cross the Ponte 25 de Abril (no tolls, frequent traffic congestion) or the ponte Vasco da Gama (tolls, rarely congested) and then head south on the motorway. Either way is straightforward once you get onto the A2 or A12, respectively. The most difficult bit is navigating out of the airport – look at a map before you set off.

Things to do in the area

Natural Park

Setúbal is located 50 km south of Lisbon. It is on the edge of the Parque Natural da Arrábida, a stunning location for hiking, cycling, or bird watching. It is a protected area rich in Mediterranean/Atlantic plant life, butterflies, beetles, and birds (especially birds of prey). Historic places to visit in the Arrábida include the sixteenth-century Forte de São Filipe and Convento de Arrábida. (Fun fact: a stretch of road in the park was the scene in the 1969 Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” where Tracy Bond is shot dead by Irma Bunt!)

Best beaches

Setúbal was voted as having the Best Beach in Europe 2017 (Praia dos Galaphinhos) by online portal European Best Destinations. The coastline is stunning and great for sailing or kayaking. Going out on a sailing boat (e.g. on this catamaran) to watch the dolphins who live in the bay is a real treat.

Downtown and dining

Downtown is nearly all pedestrianised and easy to explore on foot. There is a lovely walk along the water front. Local restaurants are famous for their fresh fish and seafood. The atmosphere is very relaxed and has plenty of bars and other fantastic restaurants, and prices are generally inexpensive. You’ll bump into interesting graffiti and street art if you keep your eyes open.


The Setúbal Peninsular is a traditional wine producing area, with vineyards apparantly cultivated since 2000 B.C by the Tartessians. It is famous for its Muscatel, a fortified wine that is aged in wooden barrels with the Muscat grape skins in the mix. The red wine are also quite delicious! You can get to try them by visiting the wineries, a pleasure in itself.

Located at the intersection of the river and the sea, Setúbal has a long history, from before the Romans. The most historic building is the Igreja de Jesus – a remarkable Gothic church with interior columns carved in pink Arrábida stone from the nearby quarry. It was the start of the characteristically Portuguese Manueline style back in 1494. The adjoining monastry has been turned into an art musuem with a great collection of Flemish and Portuguese Primitive painters from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Close to other cool places

What’s more, it’s an easy trip from Setúbal to Lisbon, which has got itself a name for being the coolest, hippest place to be in Europe right now. And it’s only an hour to go east to Evora, a medieval-walled town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is also well-worth a visit.

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