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Sesimbra, Portugal

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How to get here, places to stay, and things to do…

The social learning lab

Located at Rua da Bela Vista 2, Sesimbra 2970-621, Portugal, next to the new Four Points, Sheraton hotel.

The Social Learning Lab is many things. It is a building in Sesimbra, Portugal. It is also a mindset, which that space is supposed to embody. It is a gathering place for learners. And it is also our home.

Here we develop the theory, practice, and leadership of social learning – across sectors and countries and at different levels of scale.

The space is conducive to new thinking and writing. The ocean view is spectacular, the ceilings are high, glass windows bring in plenty of light and perspectives on the sea and the sky.

Sesimbra, Portugal

40 kilometers south of Lisbon, Sesimbra is a delightful fishing town with wide blue skies, wonderful restaurants, and things to do. The hills surrounding it offer fabulous walks and scenic views.


It takes 40 minutes to drive from Lisbon airport. There are several inexpensive public transport or shuttle options.


The Four Points Sheraton Hotel is across the road from the venue.

There are also many other hotels, inexpensive apartments, and AirBnB type accommodation that are very good.

Sesimbra is small and many places will be walking distance from the venue. But if you stay downtown, the walk is uphill.

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Sesimbra, Portugal
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