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A transformative experience

Social learning leadership for the 21st century. These workshops are for people driving community of practice, convening multiple stakeholders, driving a complex initiative, or bringing people together in new conversations across challenging boundaries.

An experiential catapult, your active participation in the workshop helps you develop into a skillful social learning leader and cultivate the strategic knowhow to navigate your landscape.

The state-of-the-art workshop familiarizes you with the language and frameworks as well as guided practice in being a leader in your field.

The cutting-edge workshop, for well-established leaders and those who have done the state-of-the-art, is an opportunity to be more experimental and share in work that is still in progress.

The academic workshop, mostly run on demand, is for people doing research where we do more work on methodological and conceptual issues.

Hybrid workshops are ones that mix two or more of the above types and is for people who often find themselves in the middle!   

Our aim is that BEtreat becomes a milestone in your journey as a skilled, articulate, creative, strategic, and inspirational social learning leader.

Many people participate in BEtreats multiple times as the learning is driven by the community that emerges around the projects you bring, offering endless sequences of learning. 

BEtreat learning

Cultivate spaces or initiatives that make a difference

Think and act strategically about how to create and monitor value

Balance the tension between individual and distributed leadership

Integrate tools and technology, online and face-to-face

Become a social artist, systems convener, or a value detective

Design spaces and activities for social learning

Grow a learning ethic

a betreat is a time and place for you if …

you want to make a difference

you’re ready to work with others who care to make a difference

you want inspiration and specific help with your challenges

you feel inspired by beautiful surroundings and attention to detail

you can participate for four full days

you want to expand your possibilities in the field

a two-host team

Our approach

We are internationally known social learning theorists and consultants with over 40 years of combined practice. We have written seminal works on communities of practice and social learning, with our latest book “Learning to make a difference: value creation and social learning spaces” soon to be published by Cambridge University Press. With our global network we can continue to offer connections, insights, and mentorship after the BEtreat is over.


Four days of intensively working together, the workshop is informal, playful, and with opportunities for new friednships. But be ready to roll up your sleeves.

Beautiful setting

We believe in the convening power of beautiful surroundings and warm hospitality. The venue has stunning views out to the ocean, high ceilings, and an inspirational atmosphere.

Practice driven

Bring your project(s) already underway or soon to be launched. Your practice – opportunities and challenges – serve as learning vehicles for us all.

In movement

As part of a whole body experience we eat well and encourage movement. Beverly is also a qualified yoga instructor, if anyone wants to do a bit more.

Small groups

Beautiful settings

Space to grow

Others’ experiences of BEtreat

The social learning model has helped to form a successful company this year as well as supporting the services that I coordinate. Thank you very much.

Matthew Laurie, UK

Business Owner, Creative Interaction

BEtreat brings together a very diverse group of CoP practitioners for a robust learning experience. It’s about real-world learning from one another while being guided and challenged by Etienne and Bev

Ed O'Neal, USA

Former Lead of Knowledge Management , Shell, Texas

It’s hard to convey the experience in words. And it isn’t just about geeky techy stuff. There’s an important interpersonal dimension to carry off what my expert chums out here call a ‘blended’ community of practice

Angie Hart, UK

Academic Director, University of Brighton

Thank you for a wonderful week full of learning, caring for each other, and imagining better ways for humans to learn from each other. I appreciate the humility and wisdom that you both bring to the work. Wonderful models for us all.

Travis Tennessen, USA

Assistant Director for Community Learning, Western Washington University

Many thanks to all my new BEtreater friends. Enjoy your travel back to reality… I’m looking forward to bringing back as much of this magic to my daily routine as possible! “If this is love, I want more”.

Patrice Lineham, U.S.

Project Director, National Center for Systemic Improvement

Bev and Etienne, thanks for a great week of learning, and to all – what an amazing experience to share in the struggle to improve our understanding and application of such fascinating ideas. Thank you all!

John Bales, Canada

President, International Council for Coaching Excellence

BEtreat overview

Day 1 | Getting on the same page.

Shut away with only the sky and sea, comfortable surroundings and each other, we get to know each other, our aspirations and start sharing the same language.

Day 2 | Developing your leadership voice.

You’ll start to connect the dots between our models and frameworks and your project, inviting others to join you in thinking through your questions.

Day 3 | Pushing the boat.

Make sure you know how to monitor the value of the difference you are making and to integrate this into everything you do. Continue using your project to inspire, engage, and develop.

Day 4 | Moving on.

Start packing your take-aways and embracing the more informed, more confident, and more intrepid you.

Daily schedule sample


8:00 – 9:00 | Get ready for the day – swimming on site or in the sea, practising some yoga, jogging along the beach, or lazily making your way to the venue

9:00 – 12:00 | Session 1 (including light breakfast and snacks)

12:30 – 14:30 | Lunch and self-organized group work

14:30 – 18:00 | Session 2 and self-study (including snacks)

19:00 | Dinner

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