A unique workshop

We think of BEtreat as a yearly time to take stock of our learning, see how the field has evolved, and make progress on cutting-edge issues. We do it for ourselves and we invite you to join us.

BEtreat is the only event of its kind as far as we know. It offers a unique set of professional development opportunities.

Hear what BEtreat participants have had to say:

“BEtreat brings together a very diverse group of CoP practitioners for a robust learning experience. It’s about real-world learning from one another while being guided and challenged by Etienne and Bev. I’ll be back for BEtreat 2012! “
– Ed O’Neal (f2f participant), Shell, Texas, U.S.

“As an online participant I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of BEtreat from the comfort of my own home! I experienced the challenges of integrating face-to-face and online participation first hand which is extremely useful for my line of work when working with online participants. There were four online participants in total during my BEtreat and we still meet online regularly even though BEtreat finished six months ago. I recommend the experience to anyone who is involved with learning communities and to those who work with online participants in some form”
– Sue Smith (f2f participant), University of Lancaster, U.K.

“Not a doubt that the visit to BEtreat was invaluable in sparking ideas and advancing the BRC learning agenda, and CoP as effective mechanism for learning.”
– Femi Nzegwu (f2f participant), The British Red Cross, UK.

“It was very intense and exhausting, but a continual element of fun ran through it and an increasing sense of family and community was fostered… The setup is a surprise – transition of a 2 bedroom bungalow to a collaboration lab — I’m now more willing to experiment; to think about transfer to my practice.”
– Rita Harrison (f2f participant), Executive Networks, USA

“Try out the online-participation – it is an amazing experience. Very exhausting and a lot of fun. A new learning experience. And please let´s get in touch afterwards so we can share our experience.”
– Lotte Krisper-Ullyett (online participant), Vienna, Austria.

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