BEtreat certification program

A professional development opportunity

About the program

Concepts like community of practice, social learning, and social media have become popular buzzwords. But there is a risk that they are being used so loosely as to become meaningless or applied in ways that are destined not to work.

The purpose of the certificate program is to form a cadre of people versed in the theory and practice of the field. It is a challenging program that involves participation in workshops and a one-year supervised project. The project may include working with one or more communities of practice or networks, leading a social learning initiative, carrying out an evaluation, or conducting a study.

Successful completion of the program will lead to a certificate that recognizes a person’s understanding of the principles of the field and ability to lead a social-learning initiative, including developing strategies, cultivating communities and networks, and monitoring value creation.


Who is it for?

The certificate program is for learning professionals who want to be at the forefront of their field, including:

  • conveners, leaders and co-ordinators of communities and networks
  • Chief Learning Officers designing a social learning strategy
  • evaluators doing a substantial assessment of a community or network
  • sponsors of a community of practice initiative
  • PhD students undertaking some research in this area
  • trainers or coaches to community leaders

You will meet people from different sectors, jobs and organizations who will be able to share their perspectives on your project.

If you want to talk more about your project to see if it fits in the certificate program, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Participation in the certificate program involves keeping a portfolio that will be assessed at the end of the year by a panel of people drawn from business, education, government and international organizations and recognized practitioners in the field of social learning. The certificate is both a way to showcase your work and get recognition from leaders in the field. Certification will be based on the quality of the work presented and is not assured from participation in the program.

The certificate requires:

  • participation in two BEtreats (at least the first one face-to-face in California, the other face-to-face or online)
  • completion of a substantial project as a learning experience
  • keeping of a reflective journal
  • report and presentation of a portfolio about the project
  • assessment of the work by a panel of leading practitioners

Successful completion of the program results in a certificate, which includes a written assessment of your project and your leadership.


Structure of the program

The program has three phases:

Phase 1
  • participation in at least one BEtreat in 2014
  • optional participation in additional BEtreats at a discount
  • definition of a substantial project related to your context
Phase 2
  • a one-year supervised implementation of the project
  • peer mentoring
  • monthly video-conferences
Phase 3
  • participation in at least one BEtreat in 2015
  • optional participation in additional BEtreats that year
  • design and presentation of portfolio of work
  • final assessment



The cost for the one-year program is USD 9,500 (early-bird registration for USD 8,500 before April 30). This price includes participation in one BEtreat in 2014 and one in 2015 (at least one being face-to-face). Participation in further BEtreats during the certificate is encouraged at a 50% discount. (People who decide to join the certificate program after participating in a BEtreat will be credited the cost of that BEtreat toward the certificate program.)


How to proceed

The certificate program is a substantial commitment on your part and ours. If you are interested, we should talk. Contact us to arrange a time to discuss your participation.


Certificate program overview




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