BEtreat workshops - which one is for you?





State of the art Best practice: working together to review and apply established models, approaches and techniques to your challenges – from starting up, to cultivating, and to monitoring the value. For people who want a systematic overview and firm grasp of current principles and practice applied to their context. If this is your first BEtreat, we strongly advise you to do this one first.
Cutting edge Emerging issues: exploring emerging issues in social learning – as it applies to your case – exploring models and approaches we are still developing. For people who are familiar with existing models and practice and want to develop more pioneering aspects of the field.
Academic Theory and research: fundamentals and emerging issues in social learning theory- as it applies to your research project. For people who are doing research using social learning theory as a framework, whether as established scholars or as students.

Certificate program

Certificate in social learning leadership
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Personal mentoring and development: one year coaching in your project – as you build a portfolio of accomplishments and reflections to be presented to a panel of leaders in the field. It includes participating in BEtreat workshops at the start and end of the year. The program is for professionals and academics who want to develop their leadership, deepen their understanding of the field, and demonstrate their ability to lead applied or research projects in social learning, commun-ities of practice, and networks.


  • All programs accommodate both face-to-face and online participation
  • All offer early-bird discounts.