Small and focused

BEtreat is a hands-on, practice-oriented gathering of network and communities of practice professionals, who work closely together in a collegial learning environment. The number is kept small so that we can address in depth the specific issues and challenges brought in by people who are there. This intensive but interactive atmosphere will provide you with a unique professional development opportunity.

Explore the latest developments in the field through a mix of conversations and presentations about our latest research and practice…

Ed O'Neal
Ed O'Neal Shell, Texas, U.S.
BEtreat brings together a very diverse group of CoP practitioners for a robust learning experience. It’s about real-world learning from one another while being guided and challenged by Etienne and Bev.
Discover surprising insights, interesting stories and new perspectives from other people cultivating communities and networks in same and different sectors to you…

Rita Harrison
Rita Harrison Executive Networks, U.S.
It was very intense and exhausting, but a continual element of fun ran through it and an increasing sense of family and community was fostered.
Think through specific challenges you and others are facing through our case clinics and deep dives into practice…

Claudette Rasmussen
Claudette Rasmussen American Institutes for Research, U.S.
I found the preparation and presentation of the case study and booth to be invaluable. It definitely grounded the feedback and discussion in practice! It was especially helpful to have the consultation of everyone around the CPS challenge.
The integration on people participating online and face-to-face is a challenging one, but it’s not going to go away. Explore the joy and frustration of learning to do it well…

Angie Hart
Angie Hart CUPP, Brighton University, U.K.
It’s been very intense, working with on and offline participants, and its hard to convey the experience in words. And this isn’t just about geeky techy stuff. There is an important interpersonal dimension to carrying off what my expert chums out here call a ‘blended’ (online/offline) community of practice.
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