State-of-the-art BEtreat


The state-of-the-art BEtreat is for people who are embarking on work with communities of practice, networks or social learning. It is also for people who want to refresh their understanding of the basic principles behind those concepts. The goal is to build workshop members’ confidence through a greater understanding of the basic concepts, models and practices of the field and to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges they are likely to face.

Dates and format

9 – 13 July 2012
It takes place over 4 days (noon to noon) with pragmatic start and ending times depending on the time-zones of online and face-to-face participants.

Online and face-to-face participation

An important aspect of all our workshops is the integration of online and face-to-face participation. We combine the use of tools and collaborative practices for blending different modes of interaction and learning.

Our approach

The workshops are small, focused gatherings that aim to take deep dives into practical issues facing participants. The setting is informal but testing. All BEtreats end with a party that is open to partners or families who have accompanied you.

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