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Social learning leadership

Certificate program
Social learning leadership


An in-depth professional development program to push your understanding and hone your personal skills in the emerging field of social learning leadership

For whom

Professionals, executives, and academics from business, government, education, healthcare and international development, who want to take the lead in their field


You appreciate the art, practice the discipline in your own cutting-edge project, gain confidence, and establish your reputation in the field with your work published on our website

Program overview

The program takes 1-2 years to complete and includes the following components:


    • two four-day workshops
    • a personal project
    • individual coaching sessions
    • masterclasses on the disciplines of social learning leadership
    • regular activities with other social learning leaders
    • a panel review of your portfolio, reflections, and a resource you created for people in your field
    • publication of your work on our website (Check the page here)



About the Certificate

Your questions answered

What are the criteria for participation?
  • A clear statement of what benefits this program would bring to you and your organization
  • A commitment to the full program
  • A substantial project, the parameters of which will be agreed on before starting

Additionally you will need access to the internet with enough bandwidth for web conferencing.

How long does it last?
The full program typically takes 1-2 years, depending on your project and your ability to schedule sessions.

You can schedule your review panel any time after the second workshop.

If you need more time than 2 years, you can add up to 2 additional years at a small cost (see pricing).

When does the program start?
You can start the program any time. Ideally, you would start with a state-of-the-art BEtreat workshop in May in Portugal or in July in California, but if you have a good project that needs to get going, we can start right away.
How much does it cost?

The following prices are in US dollars.

Basic fee

The basic fee covers all activities, including the two four-day workshops (but not travel and lodging):

  • Full certificate program fee is: $9,500
Disaggregated fee

The Disaggregated fee does not include the two four-day workshops:

  • Certificate program fee: $6,500
  • Two BEtreat workshops paid separately

Extension costs

There will be additional cost if you need to extend the program beyond two years:

  • Additional years: $500/year (up to a total of four years)
What sort of time investment is required?
If you took one year to do the certificate, this is what your time commitment would look like:

  • The initial and final workshops are each four days of full-time participation
  • One 90-minute group synchronous activity a month – either a masterclass or a participant-led session
  • Participation in online discussions
  • Monthly journal entries
  • Sharing of artifacts you are collecting and producing in your online portfolio
  • Your panel review, which is a 90-minute online session and requires some preparation
  • Finalizing your documents for publication
How many people take the program each year?
The most we have accepted in one year was eight people, but the number is more likely to be between two and six.

There are more participants in the BEtreat workshops, which include people who are not taking the certificate.

When and where do the workshops take place?
The workshops are run every year May in Setúbal, Portugal and in July, in Grass Valley, California. Participation can be online or face-to-face. For the certificate, at least one should be face-to-face.
What does my project have to be about?
Ideally, your project is something that you need to do as part of your job (or your studies). It should be a substantial project that runs for about a year and requires you to engage in the art of social learning leadership.

Your project needs to fit your context and your interest. It could range from running a community of practice, to evaluating a network, to leading a social learning team, all the way to designing a broad social learning strategy.

We will discuss the focus and scope of the project as part of your acceptance on the certificate.

You can see projects of past participants here.

What do we do in the individual coaching sessions?
These are hour-long consultancies about your project, your role as a social learning leader, and progress toward the certificate.

The conversation is based on an entry in your portfolio, where you include the developments, questions, and challenges you would like to discuss.

What are the masterclasses about?
These are synchronous web conferences where we discuss the disciplines of social learning leadership. Each session focuses on one discipline and how it applies to your project.
What are the community activities?
We also hold regular sessions with the current cohort. These include discussions of hot topics, case clinics, debates, and other social learning activities. These are led by certificate participants.

There is also an online discussion space for informal conversations.

What are the criteria for completing the certificate?
In addition to participation in ongoing certificate activities, completion requires the following:

  • A portfolio that includes regular reflections, project-related artifacts, testimonies, and a way to monitor the value created by your project
  • A personal reflection on becoming a social learning leader
  • A resource developed out of your project that will be of use to others in the field
  • A panel review with us and two people in your own field (not necessarily social learning leaders)
  • Publication of a personal page on the certificate website with final drafts of your artifacts
Who will be on my certificate review panel?
In addition to the two of us, you will select two people to be on your review panel.

They may or may not be familiar with social learning leadership, but should certainly be interested.

You will select them in discussion with us. The idea is to think strategically about who in your field or your context you would like to endorse your work.

How can I convince my boss or supervisor that it's a good idea?
The certificate program is intended to benefit both you and your organization. Here are the key benefits to your organization:

  • a chance to get expert help on a project that is useful for your organization
  • your new skills and capabilities as a social learning leader
  • your project listed on the certificate website, which provides visibility for the commitment of the organization to social learning
Could a team do a group certificate?
The program was originally designed for individuals, but we are eager to explore having groups or departments participate.

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