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Certificate in social learning leadership



Laurie Robinson
Business – USA
Building a capacity-development program for community leaders

Olga Vtorushina
Business – Denmark
Introducing a social-learning practice into a traditional training department


Catherine Green
Education – USA
Introducing social learning leadership into project management

Diane Culver
Higher Education – Canada
Introducing social learning principles into sports education and coaching

Jacquie McDonald
Higher Education – Australia
Developing a practice as a leader in the use of communities of practice in higher education

John Carney
Government – UK
Developing a community of practice of KM practitioners across the British government

Nancy Movall
Education – USA
Investigating the long-term effects of participation in a community of practice for teachers using a new blended curriculum

Xrysa Rapanta
Education – Dubai
Exploring new educational modalities based on the communities of practice model


Claudette Rasmussen

Claudette Rasmussen
Education – USA
Investigating the emotional challenges and resilience of social learning leaders

Darren Cambridge
Education – USA
Convening a large-scale community of practice around the new curriculum for computer science teachers

Mariola Rosser
Special education – USA
Convening a large group of leaders in special education to co-create of a practice guide to “leading by convening”

Patrice Linehan
Special education – USA
Articulating the value of applying a convening approach to projects in special education