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Conversation with the authors online

One of our most rewarding experiences as theorists and authors has been to join a university course for an interactive session with students. We are now offering these sessions online to universities with courses that include a module on our work – or with students or staff who are interested.

A 60 – 90 minute session gives students a chance to interact directly with us as the authors of books they have read or been studying. We aim to bring life and stories of experience to the texts they engage with.


While the sessions can be adapted for specific contexts and around specific themes or books, here is what it could look like:



A brief conversational introduction to our work and experience, to the theme, or to the publication

Preparation of questions

Depending on the number, students first go into breakout rooms in small groups to prepare questions and comments

Whole group conversation

Interactions with students clarifying concepts and principles, going deeper into some of the subtleties, and exploring how the theory applies to their own work, situation, and future ambitions

Evolution of the theory

We discuss how the theory is evolving so that students get a sense of how we too are involved in a lifelong inquiry and our books are one part of that development

Reflections and takeaways

Students reflect on what they have heard, individually and collectively

Tech & logistics

We can use our Zoom room or your university technology

We are in GMT and can accomodate all time zones

Ideally, 5 – 25 students, but we can be flexible


USD 300

We offer discounts for countries with unfavorable exchange rates or small insitutions hard hit by COVID-19

Next steps

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