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Digital habitats
Stewarding technology for communities

Etienne Wenger
Nancy White
John Smith


CPsquare Press

This practical book explores the increasing interweaving of communities and technology. It presents a framework for anchoring a technology configuration in the learning needs of a community. It introduces the role of technology stewards who can bridge between the life of a community and the constantly evolving potential of technology.
Cultivating communities of practice
A guide to managing knowledge

Etienne Wenger
Richard McDermott
William Snyder

Harvard Business School Press

This practical book is targeted to leaders in organization who want to cultivate communities of practice as a way to manage knowledge. It explains why communities of practice are a key to managing knowledge. And it provides practical advice on the art of cultivating communities and on creating an organizational context to support communities.
Communities of practice
Learning, meaning, and identity

Etienne Wenger


Cambridge University Press

This conceptual book lays out a social theory of learning centered on the concept of communities of practice.
 Based an ethnographic study, it presents a broad framework for thinking about learning and knowing in social terms, exploring such concepts as meaning, boundaries, trajectories, generations, identity, identification, power, and many others.
Situated learning
Legitimate peripheral participation

Jean Lave
Etienne Wenger


Cambridge University Press

In this short conceptual book, anthropologist Jean Lave and I first introduced the concept of community of practice.
 Starting with an analysis five case studies of traditional apprenticeship systems, we observed how in each case a whole community served as a living curriculum for the newcomer. We called these communities “communities of practice.”

Artificial intelligence
and tutoring systems

Computational and cognitive approaches to the communication of knowledge

Etienne Wenger

Morgan Kaufmann Press (out of print)

This was my first book. 
It almost feels like something from another lifetime. 
I wrote it in preparation for my dissertation, because I could not find a thorough reference for the field of intelligent tutoring systems.
 These are artificial-intelligence systems designed for educational purposes. 
When it came out, it was the first book to survey the field of intelligent tutoring systems in a systematic way.

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