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Our mission

Developing learning ethics and strategic learning capabilities
Our mission
We are both passionate about learning and its potential to transform individuals, organizations, and society.
For us, learning is not just a mental process. It is about how we become who we are as human beings – our identity and experience of meaningfulness.
It is the foundation of success for individuals, communities, and organizations. And it is fundamentally social.
Today’s problems are complex and things are changing fast. Global events are experienced both locally and globally.
We believe, now more than ever, that we should be developing our learning capabilities to take on these challenges.
We see an urgent need to learn how to learn in – and across – all sectors, whether we are working with businesses, schools, government, nonprofits, or international development.

And we consider learning capability a social good worthy of attention and inquiry.

We need to develop a learning ethic inside organizations, across organizations, and in society.
We need to explore the potential of new technology to enhance social learning capability.
And we are developing the conceptual framework and the practices to do this.
Our mission is to find and work with people and organizations who share our interest in learning and who are determined to improve the learning capability of the social systems in which they live.