We carry out on-demand research to serve the purpose of our clients. Examples of the type of research we do include:

    Case studies. We interview people and tell the story of a community, a network, an event or an initiative to capture what was important to remember and communicate it in a compelling way.
    Literature/document reviews. We conduct reviews of the literature and documentation on a topic of interest and produce a synthesis of findings for the purpose of the client.
    Benchmarking. We collect information about how different organizations address an issue of interest and what the best examples suggest for action.
    Social network mapping. We map the networks of relationships in a social system to highlight important patterns.
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  1. patrick

    I am a Masters Student in South Africa I feel like the work of Wenger is a best theory I have ever seen, I am soo blessed with the theory, it helps a lot in different organisaations and universities. I love your work Mrs/Miss Wenger


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