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This was a discussion that came up at BEtreat Canada: What are the similarities between a social learning leader and a teacher? We had a quick brainstorm and the results were captured by Bonnie Johnston here:

If it’s hard to see the visual, this is what it says…

Social learning leader (pink circle):

  • invites others to engage in thinking through challenges and opportunities
  • elicits stories of practice rather than advice in the abstract
  • the practice is the curriculum
  • doesn’t hold back what she knows
  • an agenda is created with insiders of the community or network
  • the community is responsible for the outcomes

Teachers (yellow circle):

  • teacher comes from a place of knowing
  • the curriculum defines the content and the practice
  • teacher may hold back what she knows in the service of pedagogy
  • teacher is responsible for the agenda
  • teacher is responsible for the outcomes

Overlapping space (orange circle)

  • preparation work
  • listens to needs of community/students
  • reflective practitioners
  • good sense of design for learning
  • different degrees of bossiness and directiveness
  • accountable to stakeholders