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Communities, networks and social learning

1.1 Social learning, communities, and networks: definitions

What is social learning?
What is a community of practice?
What is the difference between communities and networks?
What is the difference between communities and teams or task forces?


1.2 Cultivating communities of practice

What are the first three things one should consider doing to get a community of practice started?
How long should a community to take to get going?
How long can a community be expected to last?
How big can a community of practice become?
What level of participation can one expect?
What are the key success factors for communities of practice?
Should communities and networks attempt to assess or measure the value they create?


1.3 Social learning in organizations

Why should organizations pay attention to communities of practice?
Why should practitioners be involved in developing strategic capabilities?
What should an organization put in place to cultivate communities of practice systematically?
Should organizations institutionalize communities of practice?
Should participation be voluntary?
What about tasks and expectations for communities of practice?
What about power in organizations?
If knowledge is power, why would anyone want to share it?
Do we need to change our organizational culture?


1.4 Social media

Can a community of practice exist only online?
Are the new “web 2.0” technologies relevant?
Is social networking useful for communities?
What use are media-sharing sites for communities?
How do communities use wikis?
How do communities use blogs?
Should a community be tweeting?
How do communities use tagging?
What use are feeds for communities?
Why are analytics important for communities?
Do communities use tools like “Second Life” for their activities?


1.5 Social learning capability

What is social learning capability?
What is a social learning space?
What is learning citizenship?
What is a social artist?

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