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Public events

Hosted in spectacular surroundings and open to anyone who enables, sponsors, facilitates, researches, or evaluates social learning in communities of practice, social learning spaces, networks, or peer-to-peer initiatives.
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Small and intensive four-day workshops, in a beautiful setting, learning to lead social learning while working on your challenges and opportunities …


Theoretical and practical foundations of social learning, exploring their relevance to your context. 

Upcoming state-of-the art BEtreats:

In Portugal: June 9 – 12, 2020
In U.S.: August 18 – 21, 2020

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Working together to push the theory and practice through our respective challenges; mostly for repeat BEtreaters. 

Upcoming cutting-edge BEtreat:

In Portugal: June 16 – 19, 2020

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With enough demand, we host a BEtreat with a more academic bent for researchers, evaluators, and students working on their Masters or PhD thesis.

This upcoming BEtreat is a hybrid that mixes practice and research:

U.S. – August 25 – 28, 2020

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You as a leader

Focus on yourself as a social learning leader and what it means to embody that in your day-to-day activities and strategic intent …

Systems convening

For people convening social learning across boundaries in a complex landscape of practice. Meet others in different sectors struggling with similar issues and work with them taking a social learning approach.

Upcoming workshop: 
(You can register on that page):

October 8 – 9, 2020 in Sesimbra, Portugal


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How do we embody “being” in a social learning space? How is our identity and life trajectory involved, affected, and effective? What about the body, mind, and emotions? What about the dance of the collective and the individual? In this new, experimental BEtreat, we “be” and reflect on the “being” through the lens of personal experience and development.

Upcoming workshop:

October 15 – 16, 2020 (This first experimental workshop is by invitation for now. If you are interested, read more.

Self-care for leaders

Most social learning leaders invest themselves emotionally and physically into enabling the learning of others. A lot of their work is often unrecognized. Many burn out. This workshop is a time to replenish and rejuvenate with other social learning leaders. It includes yoga (Bev is a certified yoga instructor), walking, great food experiences, and journaling.

Upcoming workshop:

To be scheduled – more information coming soon.

Getting things done

Killing two birds with one stone! Reading, writing, or designing while leveraging the wisdom and experience of one another …

Reading our latest book

Volume I of our series on Learning to make a difference—value creation in social learning spaces—is about to be published. This is a rich book, both theoretically and practically. In response to requests, we will host a first group reading and discussion in Septembe,  in Portugal or online.

Upcoming reading workshop:
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17 – 18 September, 2020

More about our new book:

Check the preview of our book

Writing retreat

For (aspiring) writers of a book, a paper, a proposal, a report… Work on it in the company of others for support, discipline, friendly critiques, and fun breaks. Join us for one of our writing retreats. This year’s is in October in Sesimbra, Portugal, or online.

Upcoming writing retreat:

October 1 – 2, 2020
(you can register on that page)

Liberating structures

This workshop is about using Liberating Structures for developing communities and social learning spaces. Designing activities is a key competence for social learning leaders and Liberating Structures is one way to do it. Join us in Portugal or online.

Upcoming workshop:

October 20 – 21, 2020

More information about the workshop:

Social learning and liberating structures for social learning

Custom events

Customized to your needs and informed by our social learning perspective.

Our social learning lab in Sesimbra, Portugal, is a splendid location that accommodates events with up to 24 people. For larger events we have an agreement with the Four Points by Sheraton next door.

Custom BEtreats

Small and intensive workshops, in a retreat-like setting, customized to work on your challenges and opportunities …

At our lab

We can host a custom BEtreat for your employees and select invitees in our social learning lab.

Contact us to discuss a customized BEtreat

At your place

We can also host a custom BEtreat for your employees and select invitees at your location.

Contact us to discuss a customized BEtreat

Private retreat

We offer private BEtreats for one person or a couple. It may be to work on a project that would benefit from a social learning perspective or because you are at a crossroads in your life. The BEtreat is dedicated time to focus on your project or yourself—with some light-touch input from us. Stay with us in your own beautiful room with a view, work in the morning and take time to write, reflect or relax in the afternoon. We even have an extra room for kids if you want to make it a family vacation.

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Facilitated meetings

Custom meetings facilitated with our unique, action-oriented blend of strategic and social learning focus …

Offsites and retreats

Is your organization at a turning point? Is it time to step back and clarify or reframe where you are going? Do you need a refined strategy or a new vision? Or is it just time for a focused moment of collective reflection? We can host and facilitate these offsites, bringing our social learning perspective to the mix.

Contact us to discuss your plans for a strategic retreat


Are you addressing a complex challenge that involves a variety of disparate stakeholders? Is it time to bring them together to gain a shared view of what’s at stake and reach some consensus on where to go? Our social learning perspective is ideal to work together in a facilitated flow of various social configurations.

Contact us to discuss your plans for a summit

Conflict resolution

Is your team at an impasse? Are your stakeholders pulled apart by serious conflicts? Let us facilitate a session to work on that. Our social learning perspective does not ignore conflicts. On the contrary, it faces conflicts head-on and takes them as learning challenges.

Contact us to discuss your plans for a conflict-resolution session

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