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BEtreat ‘12 is the third BEtreat we are running for leaders of communities and networks. The aim is to work on cutting-edge issues and to explore the boundaries of what is possible, pushing the field further while also addressing common concerns and individual challenges. It is for people who already have experience in leading, convening or co-ordinating communities or networks for social learning.

The curriculum is based on the practice of those who are present. Case clinics, small and whole group discussions, leadership groups and the integration of online and face-to-face participation drive the shared learning agenda. Etienne and Bev will invite workshop members into their own current thinking and work on work on social learning strategies.

The theme of BEtreat ’12 is social learning which will be the lens through which we reflect on practice, exploring what it means with the explosion of new tools and social media that we see today.

Date and format

16 – 20 July 2012
4 days (noon to noon) with pragmatic start and ending times depending on the time-zones of online and face-to-face participants.

Online and face-to-face participation

An important aspect of all our workshops is the integration of online and face-to-face participation. We combine the use of tools and collaborative practices for blending different modes of interaction and learning.

Our approach

The workshops are small, focused gatherings that aim to take deep dives into practical issues facing participants. The setting is informal but testing. All BEtreats end with a party that is open to partners or families who have accompanied you.

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