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This blog is our endeavor to publish both what we are doing and thoughts along the way. We’re not very good at keep it up, but have good intentions!

In-person, online, hybrid: the future

Recovering from online Opportunities for meeting face to face - for people in Europe and North America - are slowly opening up. Although we've been forced into more online encounters, it has been an opportunity for many people to discover new possibilities for...

Finally – I’m seen!

Finally – I’m seen!

Systems conveners: essential workers long term In 2014, we wrote a chapter on what we called “systems conveners,” people who work to increase learning capability across a whole social landscape that includes many practices, institutions, and stakeholders. It’s not...

Creating community online

Creating community online

The other day we did a BEtreat workshop, originally scheduled to be face-to-face, online and over three days. It was with clients who were preparing to launch an online community of practice. The workshop generated some of the same feelings of camaraderie and joint...

2020 BEtreat workshops

We're excited (really excited) to share that we have found a new home for our BEtreat workshops for social learning leaders. More pics to come when we've finished painting and restoration work. The house was built in the '60's by a Mexican architect and the high...

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