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Hopefully we all know them… those contexts where you feel like you are able to have really meaningful conversations with people about your experience of and involvement in practice. You feel that you can be who you are as a learner. Communities, workshops, events, co-authoring… they can all give rise to those kinds of interactions where you feel like you are engaged with learning partners in pushing the envelope.

That’s what we mean by social learning spaces:

…social containers that enable genuine interactions among participants, who can bring to the learning table both their experience of practice and their experience of themselves in that practice.

Not all attempts to bring people together to learn create social learning spaces! They involve a social discipline of learning, a spirit of learning citizenship, and often the skills of a social artist.

Opening new social learning spaces, when they work well, is a key intervention for increasing the learning capability of a social system.

Read more about social learning spaces in this collection of essays by Etienne.


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